Welcome to my Virtual Gallery

Because all of my pots are handmade individuals– each is different! For that reason, inventory is constantly changing! What may appear in inventory today may not be available tomorrow.

The images seen here are representative and may not be available later.

Chawans are Japanese tea bowls used in the formal Japanese tea ceremony.

Chawans have an ancient history of several thousand years.

Chawans may take a variety of shapes and sizes.

My pots are strongly influenced by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi—complete in their incompleteness.

My pots deliberately reflect hand-carved feet, along with facets and sometimes what appear to be accidents. What seems to be an accident is the clay expressing itself.

In Louisiana, my pots can be used for gumbo, soup, cereal, rice, candy, etc., etc., etc.

A yunomi is an everyday Japanese cup. They do not have handles.

Yunomi are held by placing the thumb on the cup’s rim and resting the bottom of the cup on the index and middle finger.

My yunomis are strongly influenced by the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi.

My pots are perfect for drinking coffee, tea, wine, whiskey, or any other hot or cold beverage in Louisiana.

My pots can be used as containers for various things, including nuts, dips and spreads, candy, and for a variety of other uses.